Digital news – 20th May 2016

Here’s what caught my eye this week.

Digital marketing.

Who doesn’t like something for free. Clickz listed nine free tools for measuring social ROI.  

Snapchat is planning an algorithm to help curate brand content. And it’s looking to Facebook for inspiration. Check out Digiday for more on how a Snapchat algorithm will affect brands and publishers.

Continuing the Snapchat theme, Clickz ran a list of seventeen brands that are doing great things with Snapchat.


The BBC reported that the DVLA is working on a smartphone version of it’s driving licence. Further proof that digital wallets are the future.

The BBC has faced considerable resistance over its decision to axe it’s food recipe archive. Clickz looked at who stands to benefit. Spoiler – pretty much anyone else who’s looking to rank well in SEO for food recipes.

A bevel free iPhone’s closer as Apple’s registered a third patent for a Touch ID sensor embedded in the screen.


It has long been rumoured and now the Batman: Return to Arkham collection has been confirmed. Due to be released on Xbox One  and PS4 in July, It’ll feature Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. Plus all previous DLC and GOTY bonuses. The best bit? According to IGN it’ll run on Unreal Engine 4, which means these two classics will look better than ever. Count me in…

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Digital news – 13 May 2016

Here’s the digital news I liked this week.

Digital marketing

Google revealed how it policed its search pages. Clickz had a great piece

Marketing Dive covered Amazon’s latest video venture to try and unseat YouTube

Instagram has a new look as reported by Marketingland

I’m a little biased but Kagool ran a nice blog on digital marketing trends – gamification

Digital news: Tech

Wired explores the political bias criticism Facebook is facing over the US election. A good read.   


It’s been all about ‘Uncharted 4 – a thief’s end’ this week. I’ve been a massive uncharted fan since the series launched on PS3 back in 2007. It was the main reason I bought a PS3.

Digital news uncharted 4

I’ve been excitedly working my way through the final instalment in Nathan Drake’s story. And so far it’s been brilliant. As usual developer Naughty Dog has nailed it. It’s blockbuster gaming at its best with great characters, confident storytelling, stellar visuals and trademark set pieces.

Need more convincing? Check out the rave reviews on Metacritic  

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