SEO Tips – Three Handy SEO tips

Three handy SEO tips 

I’m a sucker for SEO tips. It’s a marketing area I really enjoy. I think it’s the game aspect to it. Google set the rules and marketers try to get their content to the top of the rankings. All the time competing with their adversaries in rival businesses or agencies. Any small edge you gain can prove decisive.

We all know you need to create great content. But we also know that quality content alone won’t hack it.

A recent Duct Tape marketing podcast featuring Brian Dean (founder of Backlinko) offered some great SEO tips, three of which I found really interesting.

  1. Identify extra keywords in Keyword Planner

Most content creators will already be using Keyword Planner to identify keywords for PPC campaigns and organic search. Here are two tips to make Keyword Planner even more useful:  

    1. Use the ‘analyse a landing page’ feature. The good thing about this feature is that you can analyse any landing page, not just your own. So you can use high performing competitor pages. It’s a great way of getting keywords that aren’t immediately obvious.
    2. Pay close attention to the estimated CPC of keywords. Google is clever. Generally the higher the cost, the higher rate those keywords convert at. These are quality keywords that you’ll want to be targeting.
  1.      Boost link building through resource pages

It’s no secret how important quality links are to rankings. It’s also a difficult and time consuming exercise. A nifty way of getting good links to your content is to target relevant resource pages. They need high quality content.

You should be able to find resource pages through their search footprint. Two easy searches to carry out are:

Keyword + “useful resources”

Keyword + inURL:resources

Resource pages found, you now need to contact them. Email them saying that you’ve created a piece of relevant content and ask if they want to take a look. If you get a positive response send them the resource and the link to it on your site. But make sure your content’s relevant. Don’t try and fit a square peg into a round hole.

  1.   Create content upgrades

A great way of collecting email addresses is to support your content with similar gated content that people will sign up to. Again make sure that the supporting content is relevant and targeted. For example if you write a post on social media tips support this with a social media checklist, not a piece on SEO or PPC.

I hope you find these SEO tips useful. And good luck winning your own game of SEO.

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